We rely on our community of shouters to help us find families to feature and rally behind.

We have two programs to support families with children on rare medical journeys: GO SHOUT LOVE & SHOUT YOUR STORY.

We are currently accepting nominations and applications for families with children on rare medical journeys, age birth-18 years old, and who live in the United States. Submitted nominations and applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible and passed on to our advisory team for consideration. We receive quite a few submissions so please be patient with us as we respond as quickly as possible. Please note that a nomination/application and any follow-up communication is not a guarantee that a family will be featured and/or approved.


Families are nominated and selected based on many factors of consideration. If selected, a new t-shirt is designed inspired by the child, the family is featured on GSL’s social media channels for a full month, and proceeds from the shop during the month benefit the family. This is a one-time support opportunity.


Families apply and are approved upon meeting eligibility requirements. A campaign page on is created and all sales through the campaign page benefit the family, including the opportunity for ongoing support through monthly t-shirt subscriptions.